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Social Responsibility

Social Good

It's our mission.

Waste, pollution, overconsumption, and maltreatment are massive issues that adversely affect lives globally. We care about the ethical and ecological footprint our business leaves on humanity. 

Our goal through Deep End is to view every step of our supply chain as an opportunity to serve humanity. 

Because true stewardship is not all about giving money - it's about what we do with the resources we're given.

Partnering with Social Enterprises

As a company, we want to partner with other companies that are in business for the greater good. We currently produce some of our products with Frontline Threadworks, a one-of-a-kind sewing factory in the Philippines. Their seamsters are single mothers, widows, & parents of large families. Many have little to no education, & would otherwise have to leave their families behind to live & work in the city. Sewing helps to feed their families & allows their kids to go to school. This helps to break the cycle of poverty & bring families back together.

We are also hoping to develop this social enterprise model to replicate with other ministry based organizations.

Producing Only What We Need 

In the fall of 2019, we reformed our production model completely. 

We used to produce our clothing in bulk. This took up more space, packaging, and created overproduction and excess. We produced more than we actually needed. 

Now we only create clothing as it's ordered. This eliminates lots of waste and extra resources. Many companies often shred or throw away leftover clothing. We don't have this issue. 

The only con is that this decision costs us a lot more - but it's worth it. If an item is not going to be loved or used for a long time, then it is better if we never made it at all. 

Proactive Reduction of Plastic Use 

Most of our current products are already wrapped in plastic poly bags. We are transitioning to either biodegradable packaging or very minimal packaging. No packaging is the best packaging.


We make sure to recycle any glass, plastic, and paper we use at the office. 

Clean Energy 

Our main office operates on solar power. 

The sun powers our site.That's pretty cool. 

Sustainable and Ethical Supply Chain 

Most of our products are finished in the USA (some in Los Angeles, and some in Michigan). We are always looking to produce as much in the USA as possible. This cuts the number of steps in the supply chain! 

Some goods are made overseas by small factories that enrich the surrounding community (read more).

Other products need complex machinery and must be produced overseas. We partner with factories that meet certifications for fair and safe working conditions. These factories must share a common vision of social accountability and transparency.

Donating Clothing

We donate any leftover clothing to organizations in need of clothing. If you are an organization in need of clothing, please contact us here.

Zero Emissions

Deep End does not operate out of a single, communal office.Each individual in our small team works remotely. Thus, there are zero emissions resulting from transits or commutes.


Deep End is completely online (with the occasional pop-up shop here and there). No retail stores mean there is no waste or energy consumption that a normal brick and mortar may use.